Explanation of the terms used in this document:

Vehicles: four-wheeled vehicles that are the subject of the lease. LACC only leases old vehicles, so-called “young- / oldtimers”, for recreational use.

Leisure Automotive Cassis Cars (LACC) vehicles are maintained on a regular basis – to be precise they are inspected after each day the vehicle is rented and immediately repaired if necessary before being rented again.

The vehicles meet the technical standards in force. However, in terms of comfort and driving characteristics, they do not fit modern vehicles today.

Hirer: the natural or legal person subscribing the lease.

LACC: the company bearing the name Leisure Automobile Cassis Cars, which – represented by one of its partners or collaborators – acts as the lessor and concludes the leasing agreement with the lessee .

Driver: the actual driver of the vehicle identified in the rental agreement.

Damage: the damage that LACC would suffer directly or indirectly as a result of claims or loss of the vehicle and its accessories and parts thereof. These damages include, but are not limited to, the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle and the loss of rental income resulting from the damage or loss, including the damage that occurred with or by the vehicle to the person or property, for which LACC (license plate holder), or the vehicle liability insurance company is liable.

Amounts: the amounts in this text always include VAT.

Rental Agreement: The rental agreement, in writing, including these conditions, signed by both the hirer and LACC. The lease includes the specifications of the vehicle (s) that the hirer is leasing as well as the period, the latter being referred to as the lease term. The amount of the invoice is also mentioned.


The hirer agrees to use the vehicle “reasonably” and to act as if he owned it during the term of the lease.


Booking: the booking is possible only by Internet on the website https://www.leisureautomobile.com.

– When booking via Internet, the payment of the full amount of the rental will be requested. All orders placed on the site are subject exclusively and without reservation to these terms and conditions valid on the date of order and in force on the site.


Disclaimer, Cancellation: insofar as the orders are firm and are taken into account for the organization of the activity of LACC, any cancellation by the hirer will be subject to a fee imposed by the renter as termination indemnity, the amount of which will depend on the date on which the cancellation takes place.

Thus for any cancellation happening:

– Within a period of between 20 days and 7 days from the planned rental date: withholding of 33% of the total amount of the rental.

– Within a period of between 6 days and more than 48 hours before the rental date: 50% of the rental amount (considering the time on the pre-reservation contract)

– Less than 48 hours before the rental date: withholding of the full amount of the rental (the time shown on the pre-booking contract is used as reference). In the case of a cancellation made by the renter, or if it is impossible to provide the reserved vehicle, the full amount of the booking will be refunded to the hirer or credited to his/her account at the hirer’s choice.


The lease is effective upon signature of the contract, the non-use of the vehicle by the hirer during the term of the contract, for whatever the reason besides a mechanical failure not related to the misuse (especially in case of circulation in outside the paved roads) of the vehicle, does not entitle the hirer to a refund. The driver also undertakes not to ride on lanes not authorized to traffic, marked or not marked, and any immobilisation of the vehicle resulting from a poor appreciation of the driving conditions (especially silting) may result in immediate cancellation of the rental contract without reimbursement from the lessor. The hirer must also assume all costs necessary for the restarting and restoring in good condition of the vehicle. Before each departure, the declared driver (s) must take note of the instructions for use and the driving characteristics, and will have to demonstrate their ability to drive safely; if the renter considers that a driver is unable to meet the criteria for safe and responsible driving, he reserves the right to remove him from the list of authorized drivers and even to cancel the rental. In this case, 50% of the rent will be retained.


Deposit: the amount of the deposit is fixed at 1 000 €. This deposit is intended to cover the deductible requested by the insurance in case of disaster. The hirer undertakes to return the vehicle in the state of departure. A general condition check as well as an inventory of the onboard equipment will be carried out and approved in writing by both parties. Any missing material will be charged and deducted from the deposit. If the lessee does not wish to carry out contradictory control at departure, the vehicle will be deemed to be in perfect condition and the accessories delivered as per contract.

Any damage, in particular to parts not covered by the insurance and not resulting from a non-responsible accident are directly attributable to the hirer. The resulting costs will be covered by the deposit. However, if these expenses are greater than the amount of the security deposit, the hirer agrees to refund the entire amount, otherwise LACC reserves the right to initiate the proceedings necessary to recover the amounts incurred for the repair of the vehicle .

Any deterioration of the tires, including punctures, implies a repair entirely at the expense of the hirer, who shall have the choice of the repairman.

The roof and its structure are removable. An explanation of its handling will be provided if necessary. Any part of the top or structure that is missing or damaged will be invoiced as well as the deterioration of the fixed parts of the vehicle receiving the roof structure.

Insurance does not cover broken glass. In the event of damage to the optics of the headlights, the mirrors and the windshield, repairs must be assumed in full by the hirer.


The driver undertakes to provide a valid European driving license and an identity document proving his current address. He must be over 28 years old and under 80 years old and must have had his license for more than 5 years. The same applies to any additional driver duly mentioned in the contract.

The driver must not have beeen responsible for a claim in the last 24 months preceding the rental and undertakes to scrupulously respect the road regulations. Any contravention during the term of the lease will be attributable to the driver and the latter will assume all the consequences and will not hold LACC responsible for anything. In the case of a driver not residing in France, or possessor of a non-French European driving license, the deposit will be kept by LACC for 20 days after the end of the rental date, in order to cover the cost of any contraventions contracted during the rental period and which the hirer would not have paid immediately or failed to notify LACC upon the return of the vehicle. The driver also undertakes not to leave departments 13 and 83 (Bouches du Rhône and Var), to sublet the vehicle, to transport dangerous or flammable materials, to exceed the maximum permissible weight in charge to exceed the number of occupants by vehicle as stated on the registration certificate – have the vehicle driven by a driver not declared to LACC.

The vehicles are equipped with Trackers (GPS). The movements, speeds and stops of the vehicle are registered (Directive 2002/58 / EC-CNIL)


Return of the vehicle: the date and time of return of the vehicle are defined in the rental agreement. Any lateness results in a half-day rental fee for the first thirty minutes delay, and one day for more than 30 minutes lateness. A one-day or two day rental (24 hours or 48 hours), includes a mileage allowance  of 150km per day. Exceeding this allowance incurs a charge of € 1.50 per additional kilometre. The additional fuel is the responsibility of the hirer, who agrees to scrupulously respect the instructions for use given when the vehicle was delivered, and therefore to use in the recommended proportions the fuel additive necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle. engine, and provided by the lessor.


Payment: Payments are preferably made by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express). The deposit will be made by credit card or cash. Checks are not accepted for security deposits. For any payment by check, a collection deadline of 5 working days must be respected before the date of the beginning of the contract. In the case of a bad check, the reservation is cancelled due to the hirer’s fault.


Safety: The rear seats are not equipped with seatbelt. The driver is responsible for passenger safety and must adopt a conduct that does not endanger the occupants of the rear seats and to ensure their safety. Moreover, the acceptance of these conditions of rental implies that in case of bodily injury of the rear passengers whether or not as a result of an accident, LACC can not be held responsible for the damage and can not be sued in any case .


Before each departure, the hirer or the declared driver will be aware of the specificities of the convertible, its driving style and its use. He will demonstrate his ability to drive safely.
LACC reserves a “last look” on the rental at this time.

If the renter or driver is not able to drive safely and in compliance with the car that has been booked, LACC will have the option to cancel the booking and 50% of the amount will be retained.


By checking the box “I have read the general conditions of sale and I accept them” before confirming his order automatically, the hirer implies its acceptance without restriction or reservation of these terms and conditions of sale. The hirer recognizes by this act to have read and understood the present general conditions of sale and to accept them. Booking confirmations will be sent by email to the hirer at the address indicated in the order. The hirer is reminded that the order is firm and final and that he has no right of withdrawal (Article L121-20-4 2 ° of the Consumer Code).