The purpose of this site is to gather fans, users and owners of multi-brand cars by organizing and participating in outings to visit the region, its natural heritage, historical, gastronomic and cultural.

LACC proposes its activities in Cassis.
Cassis is a village in Provence, in the heart of the National Park of Calanques. Cassis is also a small fishing port from which one can navigate to the Calanques. It is in this natural region that LACC proposes its cars for rental so that you can discover the vineyards, local gastronomy, and all the pleasures you want to find.

Car rentals are without driver or guide. A member of the organisation can optionally be dedicated to you (booking is required 7 days in advance)

Online website 24/7

Booking as from 1 hour.
A special rate for up to a full day can be proposed upon request.

Cars can be delivered to your hotel, your place of residence or anywhere in Cassis (additional charge of 50 €)

Moreover, and without additional charge, 4 meeting points are possible in Cassis – address + GPS coordinates:
Avenue des Albizzi (GPS 43,2241L 5,5447l),
SNCF station Quartier de la Gare (GPS 43,2339L 5,5529l),
Avenue du Marechal Foch D559 (GPS 43,217L 5,5503l),
Avenue de l’Amiral Ganteaume (GPS 43,2139L 5,5328l)

Security Deposit

We carry out a pre-authorization of withdrawal for an amount of € 1,000 from the client’s credit card, no later than 48 hours before the start date of the rental, as a deposit.
If the pre-authorization is refused by the car hirer’s bank, we notify the hirer. We then have the option to cancel the rental (the hirer is then refunded) or to request another method of payment as a deposit for the rental.

Exceeding the distance allowance

In case the hirer exceeds the number of kilometres allowed as per lease contract (150 km), the hirer will be liable towards the site for the amounts mentioned in the “My Rentals” space (number of kilometers x price per kilometer: 1.5 €/km).

Late return of the car

Any lateness in returning the car entails a billing of half a day rental if the delay is up to thirty minutes, and a full-day if more than 30 minutes.


The car is refuelled after the car is returned by a member of the Site. It is charged to the user at the current price of gasoline without supplement. The average consumption per hour of each vehicle is indicated before departure. For example the Porsche 911 Targa consumes 12 litres per hour

Car break-down during the rental

In case of breakdown of the car during the rental, the hirer must contact the Site.
If the car can not restart, the hirer will be reimbursed in proportion to the elapsed rental time. LACC will transport the hirer to his point of departure i.e. place of handover of the vehicle.


In case of violation of the road regulations by the hirer or the driver during the rental period, the hirer will be liable to the Site for the amount of the fine plus € 50 management fee. The hirer acknowledges and expressly agrees that he is solely responsible for payment in the event of a contravention of the Highway Code during the rental.

Hirers’ and Owners’ Guarantee

Tenants and Owners guarantee LACC against any and all claims, claims, actions and / or claims that LACC may suffer as a result of a hirer’s or owner’s breach of any of its obligations. They undertake to indemnify LACC against any loss that LACC may suffer and to pay it any costs, charges or convictions that LACC may incur as a result.

Limited liability and warranty of LACC

We constantly strive to satisfy our customers Owners, as well as Hirers for that matter. We are not bound by an obligation of result in the delivery of our services.

We work diligently for quality service.

The contents (texts in particular) whether published by the Owners or Hirers, do not engage LACC.

LACC provides Owners and Hirers with the technical means of entering into a relationship for the purpose of renting old convertibles reserved and paid for on its site.

LACC acts on its behalf. LACC does not enter into any contract or legal act in the name or on behalf of the Owners or Tenants, who contract directly with each other.

LACC can not be held liable for false or misleading advertising.

We want LACC to build a quality service environment. So we strive to constantly improve our work process.

Thus, for example, LACC may temporarily interrupt access to its site for maintenance reasons.