LACC was invented by car enthusiasts. Men and women who turned 18 in the 1980s and their children who are now old enough to drive.

At that time the roads were less safe than today. Motorists felt more free. The GPS was not shipped and the AI ​​was still a concept devised by engineers at Hewlett Packard.

The cabriolet that you choose will behave: our cars do not have most of the driving assistance, and their gearbox is mechanical. So you need some softness but you also have to regain some strength in the wrists and calf of your left leg to purr your “belle-d’un-jour”. Each car is equipped with a Tracker.

We want to extend the pleasure of driving. Indeed, they are certainly exceptional cars but we have not made “unusable” cases. Our cabriolets are beautiful but they are not objects reserved for showcases or only for collectors.

On the contrary, we want to make these moments of pleasure known to the greatest number of people. Our cars are vintage and they are also safe. They are maintained and reviewed by specialists (by brand and by specialty) in activity. All are located in the area.

LACC is not a tourist site. We are talking to those who want to spend an hour or a day alone, in a couple or even with a family in one or more cabriolets in this beautiful natural environment that we wish to value and respect.

We allow owners who share the same passion for these cars and our environment to be in LACC


We are a team of passionate cars of identity, originating from Cassis and the region.